Moisés offers public transportation between Coimbra and Figueira with different ticket options. All available tickets may be obtained in any of our sales points.

2 Months pass

The 2-Months ticket targets frequent travellers that use our public lines daily along consecutive months. The pass must be charged every 2 months, benefitting of reductions of up to 30% of social ticket face value. It is possible to divide the payment in 2. Use it any number of times within its 2 months limit.

p-2meses p-2meses-1

Social pass

Enables daily travel, with no limits. Its price is based on specific law regulations and Kms travelled.

p-social p-social-1

3rd generation pass

For travellers with more than 65 years. It benefits from a 50% reduction of the social ticket face value.

p-3g p-3g-1

Pass 4-18

For students with ages between 4 and 18 when fulfilling the specific law requirements.

Access requirements.

Pass under 23

For university students with less than 23 years of age, when fulfilling the specific law requirements.

Access requirements.

Combined ticket

Resulting from a partnership between Coimbra City-Council and Moisés, it provides residents in the Coimbra county to travel both in Moisés and on the council transport systems (SMTUC), paying just for the latter.

p-combinado p-combinado-1


Includes 10 trips with a reduction of 10% over the standard trip price and the offer of 1 trip. Targets the casual traveller. Can be purchased aboard.

p-precomp p-precomp-1